Monsters for Your Monsters

The Saratoga entrepreneur and founder of Innovative Toys has coined the motto for Scare-Me-Nots as, “Monsters for Your Monsters.” Protector Patty, Guardian Gus, Watchdog Wally, and other Scare-Me-Nots help your kids get over fears. Keeping watch with multiple eyes, these friendly Scare-Me-Nots always stay awake even when you little ones sleep. With a velcro tail, Scare-Me-Nots attach to doorknobs and bedposts in order to keep out unwanted monsters that lurk under the bed and in the closet. For large or travel size, come to Wit’s End to meet the ScareMeNot team! Congratulations to Fearless Fred who won the Creative Child Toy of the Year for 2010!

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