New in Jewelry!


Antica Murrina
Combining centuries old glass-making techniques from Venice with modern fashion, these necklaces, earrings and bracelets are crafted with world famous Murano glass. Their vibrant, rich colors speak for themselves and will always make an impact.


Personalize your look with gorgeous gemdrops and an array of tags with spiritual, seasonal or just beautiful themes. These sterling silver bracelets will hold their shape and beauty and they are gold plated for strength and to prevent tarnish.

mi-moneda-jewelryMi Moneda
Choose the pendant you like best, then collect the interchangeable stones to suit your mood or outfit! Mi Moneda means “my coin” in Spanish, and this popular and sought after line of jewelry was inspired by vintage coins.


Fun Arm Candy!
These stackable and trendy bracelets combine beautiful knotting with semi-precious stones. Express yourself with endless combinations!


Uno de 50
These beautiful silver pieces are made in Madrid, Spain to achieve a timeless, and compelling uniqueness found nowhere else. Uno de 50 originally made only 50 of each piece, but has now expanded its reach while still occasionally offering limited editions of 50 for its loyal international following.

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